List of stuff still to do
  1. Sort updateref.php so that mysql_real_escape_string is integrated
  2. Amend allocateref.php to check if an appointment is already in place - so can't overwrite inadvertently
  3. Make pages look a bit brighter
  4. Supress DB errors on public part of site - before go live
  5. Add ability for user to define own competition types
  6. Add ability for user to delete competition types
  7. Complete xhtml compliancy changes
  8. Make fields mandatory, as appropriate
  9. Create Message creation form
  10. When appointing officials, only show officials who haven't closed the date of the game
  11. When deleting refs only 'deactivate' them rather than deleting them - need to add another column in to the db to account for this
  12. To account for deactivation of refs create a page to 'reactivate' refs.
  13. When Queries return no results do not display tables, instead display "There were no results found" (or similar).
  14. Add facility to update a Cup/Competition/League
  15. Add facility to update a Cup/Competition/League Type
  16. Page to make referees 'Inactive'.
  17. When allocating refs to games only show those refs who are active.
  18. Facility to record Referee Assessments.
  19. Facility to Update a Team Type - same as 'Update a Venue' - updatevenue.php
  20. Update 'notify closed dates' to a page to notify (public) -> created in db (as pending) -> admin page to approve -> email confirmation

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